• Name: Stacia Anderson

    Subject: Math I & Introduction to Math I

    Contact info: scanderson@wsfcs.k12.nc.us


    I am excited to be a part of R.B. Glenn High School.  I have been teaching Math  since 2004.  I wear many hats which include being a wife, mother, teacher, and a student.  My goal is to help my students meet their math goals and objectives, according to Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  I look forward to being a part of the Bobcats and working with every one.


    Math I Topics


     Math I                     

     Introduction to Math I


    Unit I  

    Patterns of Change


    Unit  I     


    Unit II

    Patterns in Data


    Unit II

    Fractions and Decimals

    Unit III

    Liner Functions & Patterns of Association


    Unit III

    Algebraic Representation

    Unit  IV       

    Exponential Functions


    Unit IV


    Unit V

    Patterns in Shape


    Unit V


    Unit VI

    Quadratic Functions


    Unit VI 

    Graphing Equations and Inequalities




    Unit VII

    Rate of Change




    Unit VIII

    Area and Perimeter






    Students are required to maintain a math notebook (3ring a binder) and a composition notebook. Students are expected to follow Glenn High School rules (please see the student handbook) located at: http://wsfcs.k12.nc.us/cms/lib/NC01001395/Centricity/domain/37/publications/2014-15%20Student-Parent%20Handbook.pdf. In addition to the handbook students are held accountable to Mrs. S. Anderson’s classroom procedures listed below.


    CLASS PROCEDURES ARE       Enter the room quietly and began Bell Ringer

                                                                Exhibit RESPECT for yourself and others

                                                                Remain seated unless otherwise directed

                                                                Raise your hand and wait to be called upon before speaking

                                                                Complete all assignments

    Bring all materials to class daily.

    The following are not allowed:


    Eating in the classroom


    Beverages other than water (flavored water is not water)



    Absolutely No



    Student is allowed to leave the room without a Hall Pass


    Consequences are followed from the student handbook




    1. 3 ring Binder/Notebook
    2. Scientific calculator*
    3. 1 composition Notebook
    4. Loose leaf paper
    5. PENCILS
    6. Colored Pencils(1pk)

    *Access to a computer is essential*


    *Scientific calculator: Texas Instrument TI-83 plus or Texas Instrument TI-84, graphing calculator(s) are recommended for Math I and Foundations of Math I. A limited amount of calculators are available in the classroom. These calculators are not allowed to leave the classroom. It is imperative for students to have access to calculators in class and outside of the classroom for success in this class.  Students are able to rent calculators from the library.



    Scores for progress assessments are based on mastery.  Projects will be graded based upon rubrics that will be distributed to students before the projects are due.  If you have questions about your son or daughter’s grades, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please refer to your student handbook. The weight of the grades for each assignment will be discussed in class and posted later for your convenience.










    1st Quarter

    2nd Quarter









    Home work is REQUIRED! Mathematics is a subject that not only needs to be comprehended, but practiced as well to fully grasp its content. All homework is to be kept in an organized fashion in your binder unless told otherwise. Homework is to help you develop a better understanding, and can be a helpful study guide for quizzes and tests.


    Grading on homework:

    • Complete all problems with proper work – 100%
    • Complete less than all but more than half with proper work - 85%
    • Complete half or have no work shown – 70%
    • Complete less than half – 0%


    Make up work: Two days will be provided for every day missed for any assignment. Five days will be provided to make up any test.


    • If you have 1 absence you have 2 days to turn in assignments.
    • If you miss the day before a test, you are required to take the test the following day of your return. If you miss the day OF a test, you are required to take it the day that you return.
    • If six or more days are missed student(s) will be referred to Saturday/Evening School a contract will be implemented to turn in to administration
     *I reserve the right to make changes as needed to meet the needs of all students*