• Name: Katherina Dimov
    Subject: ESL   
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    English as a Second Language or ESL is a language class for students who's first language is not English. Let's say you went to China, and didn't know the language. Hopefully you would receive Chinese as a Second Language in order to better understand your surroundings and communicate with your community.
    ESL exists to help students who are learning the English language. There are a number of steps to learning a new language, and some things come easier to us than others. It is easier to connect with your peers through common language, this is what comes first to all of us when learning a language.  
    In the ESL classroom we focus on instructional language, which always comes with a little extra effort. English Language Learners or ELLs will focus on learning the vocabulary and skills that will help them better understand what is going on in the classroom and what our written and spoken language is asking of them.
    As we learn our language each individual learns how to communicate with the world in the language needed for the situation at hand. Language varies depending on the situation: think about how you text, email, and write a formal letter. The language used in each instance is very different.  Language in school works the same way, depending on the subject matter, we need to know what the language is asking of us. This can get VERY tricky when learning a language and trying to understand the academic vocabulary. The purpose in our ESL class is to provide the subject vocabulary and language tools each students needs in order to understand what is being requested from them in the classroom.... all the while having some fun, and sharing our cultural views, beliefs, and understanding.
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