• Opt-out forms for photographs, audio and video for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools are now available.

    The school system and its schools use photographs and audio, digital, video and other recordings of students to publicize school activities in a variety of outlets, such as school newsletters, brochures, yearbooks and annuals; Cable Channel 2; and the WS/FCS website and school websites. Your child may also appear in photographs, audio recordings or video recordings that appear in local media outlets, such as newspapers, television news and their affiliated websites.

    To opt out means a parent/guardian is not permitting the WS/FCS or its schools to publish photographs or audio, digital or video recordings of his/her child.  To make your preferences known, you must put your request in writing or complete the form below and send it to your student’s principal no later than October 1st of this school year or within thirty (30) calendar days of your student’s enrollment in school. If you do not express your preferences in writing, you are giving the WS/FCS and its schools permission to make and share photographs and recordings of your child. 

Last Modified on August 3, 2021