• Welcome to Year I Math with Ms. Johnson!!
    **check the calendar page for homework assignments**
    Ms. Johnson  
    Year I Math
    Room 225
    Paisley Main Office: 336-703-4168
    We can always use...
    - gluesticks
    - notebook paper
    - pencils
    - kleenex
    Team Heroes 2015-2016 Tutoring Days
    Tuesdays: Math & Individuals and Societies
    Wednesdays: Science
    Thursdays: Language and Literature 
    If you would like to stay for math tutoring, please let Ms. Johnson know know via note/email/phone call by 8 AM on Tuesday morning. Notification must include: name of the student staying, date student is staying, name of person picking up the student, and a working phone number for the person picking up the student.
    Grading Guidelines
    If an assignment in PowerSchool has a grade of a 50%, that means one of three things:
    1) the student did not turn in the assignment (in which case it will also be marked as "missing")
    2) the student turned in an incomplete assignment
    3) the student earned a grade of 50% on that assignment
    In any of those three cases, students can re-complete the assignment and turn it in for credit, but this must be done on the student's time and not class time. 
    Grade Breakdown
    Classwork/Interactive Notebook: 30%
    Homework: 15%
    Quiz: 25%
    Test/Project: 30%

    Grading Scale
    A 90-100
    B 80- 89
    C 70 - 79
    D 60 - 69
    F 0 - 59