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    Union Cross has a strong tradition of parent involvement. Because volunteers are such an integral part of Union Cross, it is important to keep our standards of volunteerism high. Our school is a very busy place with over 70 staff members and over 500 students.



    Be sure to visit this link and complete the required documentation to start volunteering at Union Cross today!



    It is important for all volunteers to remember the following:


    • Be responsible and safe - always put children first. 

    • Respect confidentiality. Students and staff have a right to privacy. 

    • Be professional.

    • Communicate

    • When something comes up, and you cannot fulfill a promise, let someone know. 

    • Ask for help - do not suffer in silence!

    • Share your experiences with others to encourage them to volunteer too!

    • Try to find a replacement if you need to move on and help train the other person. 

    • Be committed. Once you volunteer, others depend on you!

    • Pick something manageable and something that you enjoy doing!

    • Attend training sessions to help you find your feet. 

    • Be prepared and be on time. People are counting on you!

    • Act as a role model for all children. 

    • Always sign in and out of the office and WEAR the visitor's badge in a visible place!

    • Turn off cell phones while in the building.



    To make sure that students, staff and families feel comfortable, we all need to respect each others privacy. Volunteers must be especially careful to honor confidentiality. Breaching confidentiality can be hurtful to children, their families and the staff. It can also harm the good reputation our Hastings volunteer parents have earned over the years. To help, here are some sample issues that can arise.

    Wasn't it cute when John . . .

    No matter how innocent, cute, funny or charming a classroom event may be, it is not okay to repeat stories about students. What happens in the classroom stays in the classroom.

    When parents ask you questions . . .

    Many parents are tempted to ask you about how their children behave at school. This is especially likely if you are friends outside school. It is not okay to put volunteers in this awkward position. If parents do have concerns, encourage them to talk to the class teacher.

    When you see or overhear something . . .

    As a volunteer, you might see or hear things from staff or students which they would not want to have repeated outside the school.

    If you have concerns about something you see or hear, please talk to the class teacher or

    Principal if appropriate.


    When students tell you about their family, pet, vacation, etc. . . .

    As students become comfortable working with you, they might decide to share something

    personal. You need to keep this information private, even if you know the child and their

    family outside of school.


    When you have a concern . . . If a student tells you something that causes you concern,

    tell the classroom teacher. If you observe something that troubles you, tell the classroom teacher. The teacher is in the best position to deal with the issue appropriately.



Last Modified on February 19, 2024