• Name:  Dairl Scott, Jr.
    Subject: Career Technical Education - Business, Finance and Information Technology
    Contact info:
    (336) 727-2378
    Classroom Expectations

    1.      Enter class on time and quietly with all materials (Pen/pencil and paper/composition book) It is important that students remember their passwords as we use a lot of websites and logins.

    2.      Upon entering class, walk to your seat and get out the necessary materials and immediately begin the daily warm up.

    3.      Raise hand and wait for teacher to acknowledge you if you have any questions or if you need to leave the classroom for any reason.

    4.      Classes will be dismissed by Mr. Scott, not the bell. The class will be dismissed when the classroom is quiet and clean.

    5.      Do your best EVERY DAY! You will be held accountable!


    1.       Follow Directions – You must follow directions in order to be successful in this class and you will be held accountable for any and all assignments given.

    2.       Respect – In this classroom you will have respect for your peers and your teachers. It is up to you to treat everyone the way you want to be treated. It is also very important that you respect the property of Wiley, including but not limited to the computer, tables, chairs, boards, the teacher’s desk, and anything else in the classroom that does not belong to you.

    3.       No food or drinks – Food and Drinks will not only distract you from the lesson but can also do damage to any electronic device that we will be using for our lessons. No Candy is included.

    4.       No surfing the web on unauthorized sites – There are certain sites on the internet that are not to be accessed during class times. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Myspace, Twitter and other social networking sites are also not to be visited during class. The internet will only be used with teacher permission and only on appropriate websites. 

    Grading Policy

    School Grading Scale:

    A – 100 – 90

    B – 89 – 80

    C – 79 – 70

    D – 69 – 60

    F – 59 – Below


    Test (30%) – Performance tests will be given at the end of each unit and end of each quarter.

    Class work Assignments (25%) – Your daily class work will be included in this section. As we practice new concepts and have interactive learning, I will be grading you according to your work.

    Projects/ Quizzes (25%) – Quizzes will be given on vocabulary for each unit given. It is important to study the terms that will be used with each unit. During the year I will assign projects that will complement our Units being covered. It is very important that you do the projects as they will count for 25% of your grade.

    Daily Warm Up (10%) – The daily warm up will be graded periodically and will consist of terms used in every aspect of school.

    Participation(10%) – Participation grade is determined by you engagement to the class, and if you are prepared for class and on task.


    *** Any late assignments will result in late penalties. 1 day late will result in a maximum of 80% to be earned, and anything 2 days late will result in a maximum of 60% to be earned, so that they will always have the opportunity to make up the work. ***