• Konnoak Elementary School is a Title I School. Title I Schools are designated by the federal government as schools that receive additional funding and resources based on having a higher free/reduced lunch population of students. In the WSFCS, schools are designated year to year based on percentages of free/reduced lunch students and a district formula. Konnoak has consistently been a part of the Title I identification due to over 93% of free/reduced lunch students. 
    As a Title I School, this means that Konnoak must follow the federal and state mandates for all public schools. However, as an identified school, we must also follow compliance guidelines and regulations with an emphasis on improving student achievement and the school to provide quality education for at-risk students. The process for this is governed by the mandated School Improvement Plan, which identifies 3-5 goals that a school focuses on annually with short and long term goals to improve student achievement in mathematics and literacy.  These goals can also address other areas of need for the school in order to positively impact mathematics and literacy growth and proficiency.  
    The School Improvement Team, made up of elected grade level/team representatives, administration, appointed members and parents, oversee the creation, implementation and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan throughout the year. They gather staff input, conduct a Comprehensive Needs Assessment, involve the staff in data review and in identifying areas of focus, generate a School Improvement Plan, and host the vote for the plan. As a Title I School, the school, under the principal's leadership, assigns the Title I funds and resources to help meet the goals of the School Improvement Plan. This is done by the principal providing a Prioritized Plan, identifying major needs for funding and resources from the plan, and a Title I Budget that outlines amounts of money assigned to line items and codes in the budget to make the purchases. Based on the Title I budget approval timeline, the Comprehensive Needs Assessment and identification of prioritized needs must happen in the Spring prior to the budget year. The budgets are then reviewed and approved at the district level in late Spring and the federal budget approval happens in the summer. No funds may be expended until after July 1 of the budget year, or until the federal government confirms approval and release. 
    For more information on Title I Schools, please review the following link: