• Welcome to the Carter Morning News homepage.
        The Carter Morning News network provides news, information and entertainment to the students and staff of Carter High School.  Produced by staff and students together, CMN is proud to currently be broadcasting morning announcements and student run pod casts.  All CMN programming is filmed within the studios of Carter High School and airs weekly on the Carter High School MediaCAST channel.
         Below you can find all of our original programming and information about each show.  We're always looking for new shows to produce and happy to discuss any pilot ideas starring Carter High School students.  Email station manager Ronnie Caviness at rcaviness@wsfcs.k12.nc.us with any ideas, questions or comments.
Carter Morning News
  • Carter Morning News     Monday - Friday - 9:05 A.M.
         Our headline show, Carter Morning News is the show to watch for all things Carter High School.  Our team of reporters and producers bring you the day's top stories and reminders for staff and students.  The news team covers the daily lunch menu and your two day weather forecast as well.  With a rotating cast of student anchors, Carter Morning News puts the students of Carter in charge.  Be sure to catch our weekly rotating game shows such as "Maybe You Haven't Been Keeping up with Current Events" and "Whose iPod is it Anyway?", along with the occasional visits by the Monday Morning QB and the Wrestling Maniacs.  Carter Morning News re-runs can be found every morning after 9:30 on the Carter MediaCAST channel. 
Aaron at the Movies
  • Aaron at the Movies      Friday - 5th Period
         Join Aaron and company every Friday for the most "action packed" movie reviews on the web.  We cover movies, actors, birthdays, economics and pop culture references of all kinds.  If you like famous producers, stunt men, composers, voice actors and celebrities then you should tune in on Friday afternoons to Carter MediaCAST to see what all the fuss is about.
The 5th Quarter
  • The 5th Quarter     Thursday - 5th Period
         No football fan's week is complete without turning into Marcell's The 5th Quarter.  Marcell ranks the top five football games of the weekend.  He'll tell you who will win and why.  Tune in each week to see if his choices were correct or if he has to break down more game film to correct his mistakes.  The 5th Quarter can be seen every Thursday afternoon on the Carter MediaCAST channel.
Wrestling Maniacs
  • Wrestling Maniacs     Wednesday - 5th Period
         The number one show for the casual wrestling fan or the seasoned aficionado of late night cable sports.  Josh and D.J. review the action from Monday and Friday night's shows.  They'll even preview monthly weekend events and discuss historical wrestlers, multi-media information and make match predictions.  Josh and D.J. break down the matches, statistics and the complex motivations behind the wrestlers in a debate format sure to inform and entertain.
Zombie Nation
  • Zombie Nation     Wednesday - 5th Period
         If you have zombie questions, she has zombie answers.  Rebecca discusses all thinks zombie related in a family friendly and instructional format every week on Zombie Nation.  Every Wednesday Rebecca reviews the weekend zombie shows in a way that includes literacy and math skills, informational research, email Q & A and even problem solving.  This is the show to watch for survivors who need instructional reinforcement and entertainment on a weekly basis.