• Name: Luca Molnar
    Subject: Art
    Contact info: lmolnar@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Congratulations, class of 2015!
    Great work this year, students- have a great summer! Be sure to continue looking, sketching, and thinking about the world around you as you prepare to apply your skills in art class next year.
    If you are interested in taking art classes this summer, Sawtooth and UNCG both offer a wide array. Scholarships are available for Sawtooth. SECCA also offers free art events throughout the summer.
    Hello and welcome to Art! In my class, we will explore a variety of styles, processes, and media to create personal artwork. Additionally, we will develop vocabulary to analyze artwork and learn about art history. Art is an excellent subject to develop skills in creative thinking, problem solving, and responding to feedback--applicable to any field. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
    Classroom Expectations
    Students are expected to respect everyone in the classroom and come to class ready to focus and work. Disrespect of others, tools and materials, the classroom, or artwork will not be tolerated.
    Students are expected to be present and on time every day. Missing class time is detrimental to student progress. Demonstrations and in-class work time cannot be made up, and many materials cannot leave the classroom.
    Grading Policy
    I grade students based on warm-ups, projects, and class work. Warm-ups are short questions asked at the beginning of each class to prepare students for the lesson. Projects are graded on following instructions, effort, how the final product looks, and reflection questions.