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    Welcome to Science Class  
     Ms. Walls teaches Biology and Earth Science.
    1st Semester                                       2nd Semester
             1st Period - Earth Science                                                      1st Period - Planning
           2nd Period - Regular Biology                                                    2nd Period - Biology
           3rd Period - Planning                                                                3rd Period - Biology
            4th Period - Honors Earth Science                                          4th Period - Honors Biology
    What is biology?
       Biology is the study of life! In biology students will learn about all living things and the processes they carry out to stay alive. Biology has an end-of-course test that is required by the state of North Carolina. We will do labs and hands-on activities so students can apply what they learn.
    What is Earth/Environmental Science?

       Earth/Environmental Science is a discussion and lab based study of the Earth in regards to astronomygeologyhydrologyclimatologymeteorology, and ecology.  In this class there is an importance not only on Earth's processes and how they interrelate, but also on how humans affect these processes. Earth/Environmental Science has a North Carolina Final exam required by the state. 

    Text Reminders
    If students, parents or guardians would like to receive text reminders of important assessments and/or other class information, please carefully follow the instructions below. 

                   2nd Semester

    2nd Period Biology: Text @d2eb3 to 81010

    3rd Period Biology:  Text @h7f6g to 81010

    4th Period Honors Biology:  Text @2fcek to 81010

    All text reminders that will be sent to you will come through a website (remind.com) rather than Ms. Walls’ personal cell phone.  It is not possible to reply to Ms. Walls through a return text.  Should you have questions or concerns about any text reminder, you should contact Ms. Walls by e-mail or school phone.

    Ms. Walls' Contact info: 
           Email: hewalls@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
           Phone: 336-703-6735 
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