• Name: Frank AnconaMr. Ancona
    Subject: Business Education
    If you are a parent or student in one of my 3 classes this year (Digital Communications, Small Business Entrepreneurship or Business Law), hold on to your hats! As the Academy Award winner, the late Ms. Bette Davis said, "It's going to be a bumpy ride." We all know that every year has its up moments and its moments we'd like to forget. Staying focused on the task at hand won't get rid of those down moments, but like a seat belt, it will keep us firmly in place to ride out the storm. What you'll find below are the ways to fasten your seat belts. These are standard in all my classes. What to expect in a specific class will be described in other pages. Last year, students in my classes averaged an 78% proficiency rate on the State exam with my Business Law class taking top honors with 100% proficiency. I know that if you commit yourself to the work at hand you will do even better; not just proficient, but superior!
    Classroom Expectations:
    • Students must be in their assigned seats when the bell rings. 
    • Students will be required to take notes on each objective we cover.
    • Students will have daily assignments and projects which they will also be working on and receive credit based on quality of work and completion of assignments in a timely manner.  It is the students responsibility to check with me to see that I have received completed work that they have turned in to me in order to receive a grade.
    • Students are not permitted to chat during class, use instant messaging, text messaging, use cell phones, or check email unless given specific permission from me or if it is a part of the classroom instruction.
    • Students are not permitted to download any games or programs on the computers in this classroom
    • Students may not stream music or video without express consent of the teacher
    • Students who do not choose to follow the rules for the equipment will be assigned bookwork to complete to obtain a grade for a minimum of 5 days and a parental contact will be made by the classroom teacher.  Computer work must be completed in the classroom unless it is being taught in a virtual environment.
    • Disks are not permitted to be used in any computer and if found will be confiscated.  All work should be saved into the student folder
    • The business labs are available to Career and Technical Education students only
    • Tests will be given after each objective based on the North Carolina VOCATS blueprint for the course (included in syllabus) and test item bank.  Tests will count as a major portion of the students grade


    • Be On TimeBe On Time
    • Be On Task
    • Be Prepared
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Honest

    Classroom Rules:

    §         No food or drinks at any time.

    §         Be in your seats and ready to work at the last bell.

    §         No talking during lecture portions. Time for talking will be given as earned.

    §         Bathroom/water fountain/hallway passes will be limited.

    §         Everyone must pull his or her own weight.

    §         Be respectful.

    §         Be courteous.

    Grading Rubric:                                                                              Grading:

    Section Tests and quizzes                           45%                            92.5 - 100                A

    Projects, Participation & Quizzes *             25%                            84.5 - 92.5               B

    Homework*                                                      5%                            78.5 - 84.5               C

    Mid-Term/VOCATS Exam                           25%                            69.5 - 78.5               D

                                                                                                                         <69.5                F

    * Late work will be assessed a letter grade reduction per day unless accompanied by a doctor’s note. See “Class Participation and Expectations” section of this syllabus.


    Please remember that since certain tasks are weighted more heavily that it is not a strict average of grades.


    **Take note that the mid-term and VOCATS exams account for 25% of the total grade for the course.  The VOCATS is a State of North Carolina mandated exam at the end of the course. The course activity section accounts for 75% of the grade. What is listed above is how a student will earn that 75%.

    Attendance Policy
    The school attendance policy will be strictly followed.  Students who are absent. The attendance policy is listed in your handbook and on the county website.

    MISSED ASSIGNMENTS AND TESTS:  I am available for students to complete missing work or tests due to an absence on Monday through Thursday from 3:45-4:45 p.m.  Other times may be available but it is the students responsibility to see the teacher to set up an appropriate time. Assignments missed due to absence must be made up.  The formula for when an assignment is due is: Last full day attended +# days missed + 1 day = Due date.