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    I have been fortunate to be a Speech Pathologist in Winston Salem/ Forsyth County Schools since 2000.  I have worked at several schools since my employment in WS/FCS started. The schools I have worked at are the following: Hanes-Lowrance Middle School, Carver High School, Ashley International Baccalaureate, East Forsyth High School, Southeast Middle School, Glenn High School, and Union Cross Elementary. Union Cross Elementary has been my base school for the past 7 years.
     My office/speech room is in room 103 next to the Media Center.  Sometimes I may work with children in my room one on one or in small groups (pull-out services), but I also work with children in their classrooms (push-in therapy) to be sure that they are learning and using their new speech and language skills in a variety of settings.

    This year I was assigned to four schools. The four schools I serve are East Forsyth Middle School, Philo-Hill Middle School, Glenn High School, and a portion of the caseload at Union Cross Elementary. My schedule for the week looks like this for the most part unless meetings may need to be attended:

    Mondays - East Forsyth Middle School

    Tuesday - Union Cross Elementary

    Wednesday - Philo-Hill Midde School

    Thursday - Union Cross Elementary

    Friday - East Forsyth Middle school first thing in Am 7:30 to around 9:00

                  Glenn High School for the rest of day for speech-language therapy and office work