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     Welcome to our KMS Makerspace!
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     Through the generous funding from a UNCG Transforming Teaching Through Technology (T4) grant, our school is the proud owner of a Makerspace.
    What is a Makerspace? According to one resource, Makerspace Playbook, it can be described as a place/location where people have the opportunity to create, build, collaborate, imagine, learn, tinker, and innovate using a variety of tools and materials.
    We can be "makers" anywhere in the building using no tech to high tech tools. 
    Our plan is to work together as staff, administration, and students to integrate the maker principles into our curriculum and daily life here at KMS. We will work closely as Professional Learning Communities to develop meaningful ways to benefit student learning through "making,"
    Scheduled after-school Maker times will be offered for students to explore personal interests and skills. Please watch for information, or have your student stop by and inquire!
    If you have additional questions, contact:
    Ann Webb, media coordinator:  awebb@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 
    Ally Coe, Instructional Technology Facilitator:  macoe@wsfcs.k12.nc.us