The purpose of KMS Tech Coach is to promote student achievement by supporting the faculty, staff, and students of KMS in the effective and successful integration of technology into curriculum. To achieve this mission, the Tech Coach will

     (1)   Collaborate directly with classroom teachers, and PLCs to discuss and plan lessons effectively integrating the use              of technology.

    (2)      promote understanding and use of technology in the classroom; 
    (3)     model appropriate and innovative uses of technology to support high-quality instruction;
    (4)   collaborate with school administration to offer professional development opportunities for the users at all levels of           technology integration proficiency
    (5)   develop/maintain a rich online library of curriculum-driven support materials and technology-enhanced resources            for grade level and subject areas for teachers;
    (6)   examine emerging technologies that might lead to improvements in teaching and learning and incorporate these               technologies into the curriculum when practical;
     KMS Tech Coach will
    (1)    meet with each staff member by the end of the first quarter to discuss and assess technology strengths and
             needs to help create a 14-15 Tech Plan.
    (2)    meet with each PLC at least once per quarter to discuss/plan/schedule integration of purposeful                       (3)     meet with each Grade Level once per quarter to discuss/assess/plan/schedule student and staff        
             technology needs.
    (4)     offer 2 (two) for credit Staff Development Technology sessions, (1 online/1 on site) per quarter.
    (5)     assist/co-teach/lead technology driven class lessons with classroom teachers
    (6)     conduct direct student computer instruction lessons based on focused technology tools/skills/applications

Last Modified on August 16, 2015