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    Welcome Whitaker Kindergarten Families!

    Without a doubt, kindergarten is a big deal. It is a child’s first steps into the world of learning, into independence, and into a safe place to experiment. In fact in 1998, Robert Fulgrum wrote the book All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, detailing simple truths about love, joy, and life he noticed in kindergarten classes that adults somehow kept forgetting.

    Even though our world currently operates differently, we realize these steps are just as, if not more, important for your children. The faculty at Whitaker understands that your child, especially now, needs a positive, engaging Kindergarten experience. To this end, we have been planning and brainstorming ways that we can deliver the highest quality interactive learning to your child during remote learning.

    We recognize that our youngest learners learn best by moving, talking, playing, and being curious. Our plans include; Morning Meetings with the entire class where kids will have the opportunity to interact with peers, game materials and activities which may be “played” online while having their own materials, pre-recorded videos that can be viewed as necessary, small group on-line meetings to support or enhance as needed, and even opportunities for individual time with teachers.

    Whitaker recognizes that each child is a unique individual and deserves a specialized educational journey. We are working hard to achieve this for our newest Whitaker Eagles that we are so excited to meet. Because we want to serve your child in the best way possible, you will soon receive a survey, messages from our staff and details for remote learning. Since we were not able to hold the traditional Kindergarten Screening event, the survey’s intention is to capture the individual that is your child so we can do our very best to begin a new adventure.

    While circumstances might not look optimal, we are determined not to allow that to affect your child’s experience. We want to partner with you so that your child receives the best possible experience. After all, everything he will need to know, he will learn in kindergarten.

    Sharon Creasy, Principal

    Kelly Nichols, Instructional Facilitator

    Kindergarten Teachers and Teacher Assistants

    Whitaker Elementary School

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