• Miss Gitlis
    Room 233
    (336) 703-4161
          My name is Jaclyn Gitlis and I am the 6th grade math teacher on the Eagle's Team. I am a 2015 Graduate from Bradley University in Peoria, IL, where I majored in Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics, Language Arts, and with an endorsement in Middle School Education. Having moved to Winston-Salem from the Chicagoland area of the summer, I could not be more excited for the opportunity to work with the Northwest faculty, staff, you and your children.
    Some "fun facts" about me:
    • I sang in the Bradley University Women's Choir for 8 semesters (a total of 4 years).
    • My parents and younger brother are violinists, so music was never a shortage in our house. 
    • I grew up playing piano myself.
    • I miss my pit from back home more than the 20 minute train line to downtown Chicago. minnie
    • I recently adopted two rambunctious kittens with my fiancé! The all black-furred cat we named Bellatrix (Trix for short) and the grey and white tuxedo cat is named Tonks! If you aren't familiar with Harry Potter, the names are based on characters from these epic books. Trix and Tonks
    Miss Gitlis' Schedule
    7:25-7:45          Homeroom
    7:45-8:45          1st Period Math
    8:47-9:47          2nd Period Math
    9:49-10:49        3rd Period Math
    10:51-12:24      4th Period Math
    11:15-11:35       Lunch Period
    12:24-2:00         Planning
    Tutoring Hours Available:
    Wednesdays 2:00-3:30 
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