• Name: Kiante' Hagans
    Subject: Social Studies
    Contact info: kmhagans@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Hello Parents, Guardians, and Students!
    Welcome to my webpage! This is a place to find information about the happenings in class, important dates, and assignments!
    Student Accountability

    1.  Students are responsible for bringing the  appropriate materials to class each day. 

    2.  Students have the opportunity to make up missed work.  There is a missed work folder located in the classroom.  

    3.  Students will have a choice to participate in a variety of classroom activities.  However, working in collaborative groups is a privilege.  Being unable to follow classroom procedures may result in completing assignments individually.

    Teacher Accountability

    1.  I will listen to your concerns and feedback and take them into consideration while creating activities and lessons.

    2.  I will update Power School  in a timely manner.  

    3.  I will be available for conferences in person and via email or phone.  

    4.  I will do my best to help make your seventh grade year the best yet.