Hello and welcome to the Lightning Bolts!! My name is Ryane Prawel and I am currently teaching 7th grade Social Studies here at Southeast Middle. I am overly excited for my first year here at SEMS to start off 2015-2016 school year on the right foot. This website will be used not only for parents, but for students to view assignments and documents we are using during class. It also includes a table of contents so that they may keep up with their notebook that is considered a grade. 
    Just a little information about myself. I graduated from the University of North Carolina Greensboro with a Bachelors in Middle School Education with a concentration in Language Arts and Social Studies. I am planning to further my education by receiving a Masters in Technology. I am a huge geek and love comics and also a fan of technology and 21st century learning. I also have a one eyed dog named Elle and another dog (he is the size of a horse it seems) named Bruce.
    **As a side note I married on October 10th of 2015, so my name has changed from Fonville to Prawel.
    My goals for this year is to keep up with different ways of teaching Social Studies to not only make it fun, but impactful as well. Social Studies is all about learning the world around you and learning how the past and present can greatly change the future. 
    Some topics that we will be learning, include:

    * Introduction to Social Studies

    * Renaissance and Reformation

    * Age of Exploration

    * Enlightenment and Revolutions

    * Industrial Revolution

    * Imperialism

    * World War I and World War II

    * The Cold War

    * Modern Day History - the “New World Order”

    Ryane Prawel (Fonville)
    7th grade Social Studies
    Southeast Middle School

    "I Learn, Teach, and Inspire 365 days a year."