•                     Linda Morris
                        IB Psychology 1 & 2                  
    Subjects:      IB Psychology 1 & 2                           
                         Personal and Social Responsibilities
                         Honors Psychology
     ROOM 506
    A DAY
    1st IB Psychology 2
    2nd Personal and Social Responsibilities
    3rd Planning
    4th Honors Psychology

    B DAY
    1st Planning
    2nd IB Psychology 1
    3rd Planning
    4th Honors Psychology
    Tutoring: AFTERSCHOOL  3:45-4:45 

    Classroom Expectations

         1) Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class.  Students should have

              a writing utensil, pen or pencil, and paper.  Students will need a  one inch 3 ring  notebook  dedicated to this class so as to have a place to keep handouts and returned work as well as loose-leaf   paper on which to complete classwork and other assignements they will need to turn in. 

         2) Students are expected to respect their classmates  and to avoid distractions that would

              detract from instruction and learning.


         1) Students may not have cell phones, ipods, MP3 or any other electronic device, unless

              approved, out in class.  This will result in confiscation and the student's parent or

              guardian will be forced to come to school to reclaim.

         2) Students may not have food or drink in class.

         3) A student is late if that student is not in the classroom when the bell sounds.  The

              10th tardy in each class will result in an automatic absence for that class. 

         4) Students will have 1 school day to make up work for each day absent.  It is the student's

              responsibility to make sure they get all make-up work from the teacher.

    Grading Scale

    90-100     A

    80-89       B

    70-79        C

    60-69        D