• Ms. L. Kophamer

                                                          (pronounced: Cop-hammer)


    School Phone:  336-771-4700

    Welcome to Class!

    CommonCore Math 1 is a pre-requisite for Math 1( formerly Algebra 1). It is taken before Math 1 to enhance the success in the Math 1 class during the freshman year. Math 1 is a required course for graduation.  It is also a prerequisite for Math 2(formerly Geometry) and Algebra 2. It covers such topics as polynomials and quadratics and is word problem based. 


    Because I give 100% every day in order to help each student, I expect all students to give 100%, as well. I expect every student to be on time and prepared with a workbook, textbook, and supplies listed on this site. I expect homework to be completed nightly, or if absent, in a timely manner. We expect a attitude for learning and participation in class discussions.


    Tests = 50% Quizzes= 25% Homework/classwork= 15% Project= 10%

    • One writing assignment a month (quiz grade)
    • Summaries on all homework (+5/+10 points)
    • Notebook checks periodically: neat and organized (Test grade)
    • Graphic organizers / EQ's (quiz grade)
    • Name / date/ assignment on each assignment
    • All assignments should be done in pencil, unless otherwise specified.

    Extra Credit

    On homework:
    • Write a 3-5 sentence summary about what we did in class or what your homework is about.
    • Do more challenging problems.

    On tests:

    • Stay after school and re-do missed problems.
    • Do more challenging problems., if offered

    On Project:

    • Turn it in early! ( 1 point per day)
    • Be creative.
    • Do more than what is required.


    • Be creative.
    • Turn in all of your homework each quarter
    • Homework / classwork is curved.
    • Don't use your bathroom passes and we will drop your lowest quiz grade.


    • 3-ring binder
    • Lots of loose leaf paper
    • Lots of pencils with erasers
    • Hi-lighter
    • Ruler
    • Color pencils
    • Calculator (TI-84 preferred, scientific or 4-function with square root function is okay)
    • Quiet pencil sharpener

    Grading Scale

    A: 100-93 B: 92-85 C: 84-77 D: 76-70 F: 69-0  (This may change!)

    1. Progress reports are sent home frequently. Watch for them as they require parent signature. 
    2. Two bathroom passes are allowed per quarter. Use them wisely. Also, you must have your own agenda to leave the classroom, so don't lose it! If you do not use any of your bathroom passes, we will drop your lowest quiz grade each quarter.
    3. No eating or drinking in the classroom or hallways.
    4. Cell phones/Electronics cannot be seen or used from 8:55-3:40 each day.
    5. Pencil sharpening and getting calculators must be done BEFORE class begins!!
    6. Tutoring is available with me a couple of afternoons (TBA). Other teachers are available for after school help. Do not wait until it is too late to get help!

    What are we doing now?
    We will start with some reviewing of basic skills without a calculator the first week of school.

    Where to Find It
    The menu to the top left of this page has links to my homework calendar and any necessary documents needed for assignments.  Please use these tools.