• Name: Karen Lastowka Smith
    Subject:8th Grade ELA
    Contact info: KlSmith@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Want to know weekly homework assignments? Upcoming events and projects? Team news and announcements for each subject? Please send me an email at the above address and I will add you to our mailing list! Emails go out each and every SUNDAY NIGHT! This is for parents and students!!
    Classroom Expectations

    Daily Procedures

    1.       Upon entering- Mrs. Smith will have a sign outside her door if you need anything special like colored pencils, library books devices, if we are meeting in the computer lab  etc.  Be sure to check as you go to your lockers. You will not be allowed to go to your locker for forgotten materials.

    2.       Sharpen pencil right away if you need to! Core classes do not begin until about 10:30 so your pencil SHOULD be sharpened by then!

    3.       If you don’t have a pencil- you can look on the student supply shelf. If there are none- ask a neighbor or at the very least get a colored pencil from art center to write with- do not sit there with nothing!!!!

    4.       You will have a quote of the day to copy and explain at the beginning of each class.  They will begin on Mondays and be turned in and graded on Fridays.  If you are absent for that day- you do NOT need to make up the quote….you may just write absent for that day.  We will go over the warm up quotes in more detail later.

    5.       When you’ve been absent it is you job to get your make up work! I will not chase you! There is a basket on the back table that says “Have you been absent?” That is where I will place your make up work.

    6.       Classwork will be turned into the basket in the Writing Center in the back of the room. Please, especially for the first few weeks of school, put your FIRST AND LAST name on your paper.  Also make sure you are putting the paper into the correct basket for your class.  If you do not put a name on your paper it will end up in the no name folder (yellow under art center)

    7.       Make sure you have the title of the assignment written on your paper as well so I know what it us!!!

    8.       RESTROOM- students will have a chance to use the restroom as needed provided they do not abuse the privilege. I am asking that bathroom activity be limited to the first and last five minutes of class.  For example, once you’ve done your warm up would be a good time to go. Please bring a note or have a parent email if there is a bathroom medical issue I should be aware of.  If you abuse bathroom privileges, you will not be able to go.

    9.       Trash- when you have trash simply put it in the corner of your desk and I will pick it up as quickly as I can.  Do not get up to throw away trash. This is disruptive.

    10.    Library- We will go to the library every other week as a class for “Take Out Tuesdays” where we will take out a book of our choice, read, and complete a short graded activity. If we do not find a book of our choice, material will be provided.

    11.    PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL EVERY SUNDAY AFTER ABOUT 4PM FOR THE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER.  I will also be using remind- see below, and sending reminder emails as needed. 


    Big 5

    1. Go to class

    2. Sit Down in assigned seat

    3. Do not move or talk unless instructed

    4. Do assigned work

    5. Be quiet

    Grading Policy

    40% classwork

    20% Quiz (this includes daily warm ups!!!)

    30% test/project

    10% participation/homework

    The good news is, I do not give a lot of outside homework, many times you may just have to finish classwork as needed. However, when you are HERE I expect you to get your work done!