• Welcome! 

    I am thrilled that YOU are joining our class. I am looking forward to an exciting semester of reading, writing, and getting to each other and ourselves better. No matter what course you are in, we will read beautiful literature while also becoming stronger readers, writers, and thinkers and sharpening our written and verbal communication skills. I look forward to having some fun in the process as well!

     What To Expect

    In all of my courses, we will read literature to practice sophisticated analysis, research, and communication skills. We will not simply read and write; rather, we will analyze, think critically, and reflect upon the power of words and how they have shaped the people's mindsets throughout history while harnessing the power of words through our own written and verbal communication. By reading novels, drama, poetry, and various other forms of writing, we will analyze and reflect on the importance of language and stories. We will practice and improve our own writing and research skills through a research project. We will use the arts to enhance our learning and understanding of the texts while creating an environment of creativity and innovation. Through writing about the texts we have read and our own experiences, we will sharpen our written communication skills to learn even more about literature, the English language, and ourselves. 

    In order to facilitate this learning, we will read novel, plays, various poems, speeches, short stories, and news articles. We will also study relevant music, art, television, debates, and pop culture to gain a better understanding of how people have communicated throughout history as well as why our words – and their medium – matter.  

    Parents and students should feel free to contact me via email at any point ( lfschneider@wsfcs.k12.nc.us ) and are welcome to follow me on Twitter (@MsSchneiderWF )