• Name: Juwon Crowell/(Coach)
    Subject:Physical Education
    Contact info:(336) 703-6731/Jacrowell@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    (Bienvenidos a la clase de P.E.)
    I am excited about the opportunity to teach and empower the students and community here at Kimberley
    Park Elementary. As we embrace
    each others passions, gifts, talents and work together to achieve excellence in education. Remember to stay encouraged and don't get caught up in what we see. But have faith and stay persistent in what you believe!

    As your Physical Education teacher I will...

    1. Incorporate curriculum based lessons for students in order to show proficiency and growth.

                                        2. Serve as a role model and demonstrate knowledge of health, physical education and life.
                                        3. Provide a variety of activities which will motivate the students and increase participation. 

    Expectation in class... 

    A-Act safely

                                                                                     B-Be prepared with tennis shoes, athletic attire and be positive.
         D-Do your best