• Name: Gina Williams
    Subject: 6th grade English Language Arts, 6th grade Math, 6th Math Study Skills
    Contact info: glwilliams@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    About Me: This is my 3rd full year of teaching. I have previously taught in Davie County in the EC department. I have my Bachelor's degree in Special Education from Pfeiffer University. I come from a family of teachers my mom teaches 8th grade Math in Davie County and my sister teaches 3rd grade in Charlotte.  I have a passion for teaching and helping children reach their full potential. I have two great cats named Tiger and Trina!! 
    Classroom Expectations: Please come to class with all materials, ready to learn, and a positive attitude. 
    Tutoring: I am tutoring every Thursday in POD 3. I am tutoring in all core classes: Math, English, Science and Social Studies.
    Daily Schedule:
    7;45-8:00: Homeroom
    8:00-9:04: Math 6 
    9:07- 10:11: 6th grade English
    10:14- 11:45: Math 6/7
    11:48- 12:52: 6th grade English 
    12:55- 1:30: Planning
    1:36- 2:40: 6th grade Math Study Skills