• Name: Mrs. Tara C. Hauser (formerly Miss Chappell)
    Subjects: Theatre Arts/ Drama & Ib Theatre
    Contact Info: tchauser@wsfcs.k12.nc.us (E-mail is the best way to reach me.)
    Planning Periods: TBA
    (2015-2015) This year's main production plans, pending royalties:  "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" & "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"
    AUDITIONS FOR "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Revised Version)" are scheduled for DECEMBER 2nd, 2015 from 3:45-5:00pm  in the Black Box/Auditorium at Parkland.  Paisley IB students (9-10) are also welcome to prepare and audition. 
    For musical auditions:  Research the show and know which characters are our top 1-2 choices.  Note, we're doing the Revised Version.  Prepare a 30-60 second section of a show tune from a Broadway musical other than "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown".  The song should showcase your vocal range and personality.  The character from your song should be similar to your 1st choice of character in this show.  Please indicate, on the sign up form, whether or not you're bringing sheet music or a karaoke version of your audition song.  Call backs are scheduled for the next day, if needed.  For planning/availability purposes, rehearsals will mostly be on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until about 5:00pm.  The show is scheduled for March 17th.  (There will be more and later rehearsals closer to the show.) 

     2015-2016 Parkland Theatre Season Plans
    Dates updated 11/10/15 
    Tuesday, September 29th, 2015-
    Parkland Family Game Show Night! 
    (Interactive/Audience Participation & Improv Theatre)
    5:45pm-7:00pm, $3.00
    Thursday, October 29th, 2015- 
    Ib & Honors Adv. Theatre Showcase... Followed by the 7th Annual Masquearde Ball
    5:45pm-8:00pm, $5.00
    Thursday, November 19th, 2015-  Fall Play, "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"
    6:00pm, $5.00
    Thursday, March 17th, 2016-  Spring Musical, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"
    6:30pm, $7.00 
    Thursday, April, 14th, 2016, "Dessert Theatre"
    6:00pm, $7.00 

    Parkland HS's Thespian Festival Results: (March 2014)

    (This is the third year, in a row,that Parkland has both participated and had students earn Superiors and Critics' Choice/qualifying for Nationals. Thespian Festival takes place at UNCSA.)

    Gracey Falk (11th grade)

    * Accomplished/Superior Rating for Monologue

    * Accomplished/Superior Rating forMusical Theatre Singing

    * Critics' Choice for Monologue

    * Cricics' Choice for Musical Theatre Singing

    * Qualified for National Thespian Festival

    Amba Moore (10th grade)

    * Accomplished/Superior for Musical Theatre Singing

    * Proficient/Excellent for Monologue

    Hannah Neuhauser (12th grade)

    * Proficient/Excellent for Musical Theatre Singing

    Congratulations to the cast of Dessert Theatre for another fabulous show on Feb. 20th!  BRAVO for your hard work!  It was enjoyed by the audience.
    Thank you to the Parkland theatre students for their help hosting All County Drama on Feb. 6th. 




    Superior Play Rating from UNCSA Senior Drama Student Adjudicators for Stigmaphrenia (We performed the AmericanDebut of this piece about Mental Diversity.)

    Honored to be invited to perform Stigmaphrenia & What Goes Unnoticed at UNC Schoolof the Arts on March 24th, with conservatory students, for the Project Love CharityEvent

    From NC Theatre Competition:

    Excellence in Acting, Gracey Falk, Wait, Wait... I Can Explain!

    Excellence in Student Design & Production-Sound Design (to Emmy Albritton, Stigmaphrenia)

    Excellence in Student Design & Production-Stage Management (to Kayla Dunlap, Stigmaphrenia)

    Excellence in Commitment to Comic Style, Wait, Wait... I Can Explain!

    Excellence in Performance of Multiple Roles, Stigmaphrenia


    (Thespian Festival willbe in March)




    From NC TheatreCompetition:

    *Superior Play Rating*- Cast of Complete Works of William ShakespeareAbridged (Act 2) Ross Barnes, ChristianCook, Nathan Speas & Keven White

    Excellence in Acting - Amba Moore - This is an award for the top 5 most excellent actresses in the entire festival.

    Outstanding Achievementin Acting - Nathan Speas -The best male actor in the entire festival!
    Excellence in Costumes - Complete Works of William Shakespeare(Abridged)
    Excellence in Design & Production for Outstanding Work asan Understudy - Ashleigh Hendrix
    Excellence in Design & Production for Sound Design - Kayla Pettigrew, Khadaisha Gardner, and Andrew Irving

    From Thespian Festival:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the following actors for receiving a SUPERIOR RATING AND being selected as CRITICS’ CHOICE for GROUP ACTING (Qualifying them for NATIONALS) at the NC Thespian Festival this spring, held at UNCSA: Ross Barnes, Christian Cook,Nathan Speas and Keven White

    CONGRATULATIONS toJordan Speas for his SUPERIORrating for acting at the NC Thespian Festival

    WILL HUESMAN also scored perfect SUPERIORSon his monologues in 2012 and qualified for nationals.

    Outside 500

    Required Materials:

    •     Any kind of notebook/binder/folder that you want (but it needs to be just for drama class). You will need to either bring it daily or leave it in the box labeled for your class period.

    •     Notebook paper (we will do a lot of writing- please replenish your supply as needed so you don’t have to mooch off of your friends) 

    •     Pencils/pens

    •     Highlighters (to highlight your lines)
    Optional Donations:

     •     Various props/costumes (As needed, on a voluntary basis.  We work together to share/help each other get what we need for each show’s props list and usually do so on a very low budget.  We are resourceful and have partnerships with area college theatre programs.) 

    •     Snacks/decoration materials/dessert donations (Optional requests for Masquerade Ball, Dessert Theatre, Drama Club, Field Trips, etc.)

    •     Kleenex

    •     Hand Sanitizer

    •    Occasional requests for donations to help cover field trip costs for students in need.



    What Will We Do In Drama Class?

    -          Team building games/activities/ice breakers to get to know each other.

    -          Lots of improvisation games (Think of the TV show Who’s Line Is It Anyway?)

    -          Study different types of theatre from varying time periods and countries/styles.

    -          Attend school and community arts events and write critiques.

    -          Keep up to date on current arts/entertainment events and opportunities. 

    -          Journal writing and vocabulary enrichment (including SAT vocab.)

    -          Write monologues and skits.

    -          Share/perform monologues and skits.

    -          A few fun research projects.

    -          Read, rehearse and produce plays (occasionally studying them on film.)

    -          Learn and practice audition techniques.

    -          Organize, plan and promote drama events (such as the Masquerade Ball, Dessert Theatre, etc.)

    -          Study the technical aspects of theatre.

    -          Much, much more! 


    Why does Mrs. Hauser love teaching Drama? 

    She believes it is a valuable tool to:

    -          build self-esteem/confidence/pride

    -          build communication skills (written and verbal)

    -          build and enrich creative problem solving, leadership, teamwork and social skills

    -          build lasting friendships and happy memories

    -      bring families and communities together in positive, prideful support of our fabulous


    When will Drama Club Meet this year?  (2013-2014)

    The 3rd Thursday of every month, unless otherwise noted/posted. 

    3:45-4:30pm in the Black Box

    Sept. 19th is our first meeting!  Join us! 

    Rides home must be on time.  There will sometimes be light refreshments.  Students will elect officers, help plan and promote events and play improvisation/acting games.  Drama Club is fun and you don’t have to be a drama student to attend.  J  Come make new friends!


    When is the 5th Annual Masquerade Ball?

    Thursday, September 26th from 6:00-8:00pm in the Black Box

    Tickets:  $5 (in advance)

    Info:  It’s a fun, no-stress dance to help raise funds for the Drama Department.  Creative dress including mardi-gras style masks are worn.  Food is provided (by parent and teacher donations) and students have a fun time dancing and socializing.  Much more info. to come in class.  Open to all grade levels/ all Parkland students who buy tickets in advance, before they sell out.  (Approx. 100 tickets will be available and will go on sale in September.)


    What are a few things that set Parkland Theatre apart from the rest?

    We participate in the NC Theatre Competition and Thespian Festival.  Our students have earned Superior ratings at both as well as Critics’ choice awards, qualifying them for the National Thespian Competition.  To see a list of awards won, see my Faculty website.


    Important Dates for Advanced Students:

    ·          NCTC is scheduled for November 8th and 9th @ Rocky River HS in Charlotte

    ·         Thespian Festival is March 21st & 22nd @ UNCSA


    More information about qualifications and auditions to come.