The School Improvement Team (SIT) meets monthly to discuss school wide programs, policy, and general procedures.  The SIT provides leadership and a collaborative partnership forum for all school stakeholders. The SIT is responsible for the School Improvement Plan, an ongoing, data-driven process to provide continuous improvement for our school.  If you are a parent or community member who is interested in becoming a member of our SIT, please contact us at (336) 748-4090.
    SIT Team Members 
    Marla Cantrell, 1st grade Teacher & Jennifer McCarthy, K-1 Teacher  - SIT Co-Chairs 
    Instructional Superintendent: Dr. Amy Nail 
    Principal:  Tasha Hall-Powell
    Assistant Principal:  Verschello M. Nelson
    Instructional Facilitator: Angela Brown 
    Pre-K Teacher: Kimberly Jessup
    2nd Grade Teacher: David Johnson 
    3rd Grade Teacher: Victoria Drummond
    4th Grade Teacher: Heather Link 
    5th Grade Teacher: Rachel Ferree
    EC Map Resource Teacher: Caitlin Lockey 
    Resding Teacher: Mary Millner 
    School Counselor: Janice Stone
    Parent Involvement Coordinator: Shanta Reddick 
    Classified Representative: Calvin Gantt
    Parent Representative: Kym Thomas and Ashlee Yuskis