• Student Conduct Information


    Below is the information necessary for all students to be successful members of the Mount Tabor community. All of this information is included in the Student Handbook. It is also presented during the first weeks of the school year. 

    Download the full text of the 2019-2020 Student Handbook here

    General Conduct Guidelines

    • Fighting will result in suspension, exclusion, and/or prosecution
    • Disruptive behavior, including profanity, will result in after-school detention, suspension, and/or alternative placement
    • Dice, cards, gambling, skateboards, etc. are not allowed on campus
    • Ear buds, headphones, and cell phones are not permitted during instructional periods
    • Leaving campus without permission can result in loss of parking privileges, as well as other disciplinary action
    • Hall passes are required to leave class for any reason

    Dress Code

    Dress should be comfortable and should facilitate learning. Mount Tabor encourages student success both during and after their high school years and dressing appropriately for the situation is part of this education.

    • Do: Wear shirts/blouses that cover students’ fronts and backsides. This includes mid-thigh 360-degree coverage when wearing legging-style skinny jeans, tights, dance pants, snug or tight-fitting clothing, and jeans with holes.
    • Do: Wear clothing that provides coverage for body parts such as underarms, chest, stomach, upper and lower back, and rear end.Clothing should also cover undergarments.
    • Do: Wear trousers/pants that provide 360-degree coverage of students; fronts and backsides, including underwear, as well as shorts worn as underwear.
    Unfortunately, there are some items that are simply not acceptable at Mount Tabor. 

    No: Bandanas, bare feet, blankets, gang paraphernalia, grills, hair curlers/combs, hats/headscarves, Nike (and similar) shorts, pajamas/loungewear, shirts longer than shorts, socks without footwear, sunglasses, rosaries, tank/racer-back tops, transparent clothing, or visible undergarments. 

    Honor Code

    The Mount Tabor Honor Code addresses issues of academic misconduct; defines cheating, plagiarism, lying, and stealing, and outlines procedures for dealing with Honor Code violations. Academic and non-academic violations and their consequences are in the student handbook under the Guidelines for Student Discipline Policy AR-5131. 

    The Honor Code itself states: On my honor, I certify that I did not give or receive aid on this assignment/quiz/test and that I am not in violation of the Honor Code of Mount Tabor High School."