• Extracurricular Activities

    Academic Competition
    English Academic Team / Coach: Ms. Gerianne Bartlett
    Math Academic Team / Coach: 
    Science Academic Team / Coach: Mr. Matthew Starkey
    Social Studies / Coach: Mr. Conan Arthur

    Honor Societies
    National Art Honor Society
    Sponsors: Mrs. Alice Morley and Mrs. Barbara Trinh

    National English Honor Society
    Sponsors: Ms. Gerianne Bartlett, Ms. Melanie Murphy, and Ms. Laurie Schaefer

    National French Honor Society
    Sponsors: Mr. Ben Gladding

    National Honor Society
    Sponsors: Mrs. Robyn Allen, and Mrs. Kathryn Salisbury

    National Latin Honor Society
    Sponsor: Mr. Jessie Craft

    National Math Honor Society
    Sponsor: Mr. Jamie Grimstead

    National Spanish Honor Society
    Sponsors: Mrs. Maribel Garcia and Mr. Greg Williams

    National Technical Honor Society
    Sponsors: Mr. Scott Armstrong, Ms. Nadra Hunte, and Mrs. Floydette Rector

    Career, Interest, and Service Clubs
    Art Club
    Sponsors: Mrs. Alice Morley and Mrs. Barbara Trinh

    Computer Science Club
    Sponsor: Mrs. Judy Uhrig

    Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)
    Sponsor: Ms. Nadra Hunte

    French Club
    Sponsor: Mr. Ben Gladding

    Friends of Rachel
    Sponsor: Ms. Emily Houlditch

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Sponsor: Mrs. Floydette Rector

    Gay/Straight Alliance
    Sponsors: Mrs. Michaela Colon and Ms. Melanie Murphy

    Habitat for Humanity
    Sponsors: Ms. Carrie Bennett and Ms. Lauren Polselli

    Key Club
    Sponsor: Mr. Mainert Luther

    Latin Club
    Sponsor: Mr. Jessie Craft

    Photography Club
    Sponsor: Mr. Phillip Mullis

    Physics Club
    Sponsor: Mr. Mark Cavanaugh

    Red Cross
    Sponsor: Mr. Shelton Parks

    Sponsor: Mr. Shelton Parks

    Serve the City
    Sponsor: Mr. Rich Brendle

    Spanish Club
    Sponsors: Mrs. Maribel Garcia and Mr. Greg Williams

    Sponsors: Ms. Gerianne Bartlett, Ms. Carrie Bennett, Ms. Emily Bennett, and Ms. Laurie Schaefer

    Step Team
    Sponsor: Mrs. Michaela Colon

    Student Council and ICC
    Sponsor: Mrs. Jennifer Cleary

    Tabor Girls Club (TGC)
    Sponsor: Mrs. Fran Delmonico