• MMS Orchestra Page
    Welcome to Meadowlark Orches
    MMS Orchestra classes are on B-days (2016-2017).  
    Students will need the following supplies for class.
    • Instrument (violin, viola)
    • Method book:
    Beginning 6th & 7th grade: Essential Elements for Strings 2000, bk. 
    Continuing 7th & 8th grade: Essential Elements for Strings 2000, bk.1 & 2
    • Rosin (for bow)
    • Instrument 
    • Pencil (every day) 
    • Shoulder rest: Needed for violin and viola students.  
    • Music Folder
    General info.
    Beginning Orchestra is offered in 6th and 7th Grade.
    Continuing Orchestra is offered for 7th in 8th Grade.  

    Performance Schedule

    MMS concerts will be presented in Winter and Spring. These are required performances for music students and count 20% of the  report card quarter grade. Please make note of the dates, once announced to be sure your child can participate in these events.


    ***Winter Concerts***

    Pending date: TBA


    ***Spring Concerts***


    Pending date: TBA
    All-County Orchestra Auditions (for continuing/advanced students only)
    Audition date/location:

    Thurs. Oct. 27, 2013
    - 3:00-5:00PM registration- - Paisley Middle School.
    • Audition Requirements:

    Solo (All): “Air Varie” by DeBeriot

    Scale: (must be memorized)

    Violin: 2 octave G major + arpeggio

    Viola: 2 octave C major + arpeggio

    Cello: 2 octave C major + arpeggio

    Bass: 1 octave G major + arpeggio (2 octave optional)


    All-County Rehearsals & Concert:

    • Thurs. Jan. 26, 2017. Location: Reynolds HS auditorium. 3:30PM-6:00PM
    • Fri. Jan. 27, 2017: Location: RJ Reynolds HS.  Full-Day Clinic & Concert
    • Sat. Jan. 28, 2017: Location: RJ Reynolds HS10:00AM- 1:00PM rehearsals
    • Concert: 2:00PM.(tentative) Reynolds High School Auditorium.  
      Students responsibilities
    MMS orchestra contract (updating): 
    Homework practice logs.
    Students are expected to record the minimum time per week. (60 min.) Parents are to sign this weekly to receive a grade.  Turn in dates are every two-weeks and are indicated on the practice log and announced in class.
    Music and instrument cases
    All music is to be kept in the music folder (provided in class) and should taken home along with the instrument.  Small instruments are the students responsibility and should be taken home every A-day.   Students must have an id tag on the case, these are available from Mr. Mullikin if your case does not have one. The daily participation grade depends on not only class effort but having the materials. Be sure to check the back of your practice log for an A/B day schedule. 
    School-owned, instrument loans:
    Anyone using a school instrument must have a completed loan-form and non-refundable deposit. There are very few numbers of school-owned instruments for available on a loan basis.
    Hello! I am a graduate of the UNCG School of Music. I have been teaching at Meadowlark Middle since 2001. In addition, I work as a violinist in the Greensboro Symphony. http://www.greensborosymphony.org/ 
    I can most easily be contacted through school email, at Dmullikin@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.
    My teaching schedule for the 2016-17 school year is Meadowlark Middle (B-day) and Kernersville Middle (A-day) . 
    Other performance opportunities:  I encourage students that have an interest in additional performance opportunities to explore the option of the Winston Salem Youth Orchestra programs: http://wssymphony.org/youthorch/welcome/ Winston Salem Symphony http://www.wssymphony.org/   Attention to Margaret Rehder.