• Name: Mr. Beveridge
    Subject: English
    Hello, my name is Mr. Beveridge.  This is my 9th year at Reagan.  This year I am teaching 11th grade Honors English and 11th Grade Regular English
    My Expectation: I run a "Classroom of Respect".  Students in my room will respect every person and object in my classroom. 

    Late Work: Late work that is a homework assignment or classwork will not be accepted for any reason.  Late work is work that is not in my hand when I ask for it.  For major assignments, however, there will be a 10 point deduction for each day past the due date. 

    (Note to students: Do not wait until the last minute to print out papers.  Your printer will run out of ink, break, etc.)


    Make-Up Work:  Students who are absent have one day to make arrangements for the completion of make up work.  Students will have one day for every day absent to make up the missed assignments.  It is strongly suggested that students complete make-up work promptly as the class will be moving forward.  Typically, the more a student postpones a test or quiz, the more his/her grade will suffer. 


    Grades:  I follow all of the grading policies and rules set forth by the School Board for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.


    Honor Code:  In this class, it is of utmost importance that students complete their own work.  I expect students at Reagan to be mature enough to understand that if they are to become life-long learners, they are in charge of their own educations.  Cheating and plagiarism only hurt the students, and in the unlikely event that a student violates the honor code, I will follow all the rules and procedures set forth in the student handbook.


    Bathroom Policy:  It is crucial that students are in the classroom; however, I understand that students will sometimes need to leave class for various reasons.  I allow every student two emergency passes per quarter to go wherever they need to go.  After two are used, I will still allow students to leave, but they will be given a tardy.  The logic behind this is that students would have been tardy if they had stopped along the way to class.


    Progress Reports: In the past, I have sent home paper progress reports, but because of new technological advances, I will no longer be sending home hard copies.  I encourage all parents to use the parent assist program that allows parents to view teachers’ grade books.

     Text Books 

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