• Name:   Ed Thutt
    Subjects:  Earth/Environmental Science (Honors)
                             Anatomy and Physiology (Standard)
    Contact info:  epthutt@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Attention Students and Parents.  I use Twitter to update important events in class, such as upcoming tests, project due dates, and materials needed for labs.  Please follow me on Twitter @edthutt... 
     Room Number 601 (This is a new classroom)
    Honors Earth and Environmental Science is a course that conveys the importance of the physical environment to human populations.  Students will learn the characteristics of the Earth that support human life and ecosystems.  They will also investigate the necessity of conserving and preserving the Earth's resources for future generations.
    Anatomy and Physiology is a course that seeks to understand the structure and functions of the human body and its systems.  Students will participate in hands-on activities that will foster and in-depth understanding of human physiology.  This course encourages self-motivated learners to expand their knowledge both as individuals and in the group setting.  Project-based learning is emphasized in this course, and several projects will be completed over the course of the semester.
    Materials needed for all classes include:
      -3-ring binder
      -plenty of notebook paper
      -red pen for checking work
      -a box of 16 colored pencils
      -a flash drive 
     If you want to contribute to classroom supplies, please consider providing the following for our students:  boxes of tissue, Band-Aids, #2 pencils, and cleaning wipes.  I recommend items from the Dollar Tree!