• Extra Pieces for Spring Concert (stay tuned for order coming soon)

    Rebellion (Mo/JuJu/Brittany)
    We're not People Pleasers (Sarah/Anna/Shan)
    Graduating (Ashley/Emorie)
    Insecurities (Erin/Baleigh)
    Dealing with Depression *PLEASE NOTE: the dancers performing in the concert must be the same dancers performing in the May 7th choreography showcase, must be the same dance all week 
    Schoolin' Life
    Staying through Hard Times (Peyton/English)
    FrEnemies (show us this dance again before the end of the week)
    Lunch Silliness (show on Friday at lunch)
    Struggling with Letting You Go (kirsten/kayla) 
    :: Welcome to Dance ::
    "To watch us DANCE is to hear our hearts speak."
                     concert    NU DELTA
     Reagan HS Dance Teachers: Molly Harwell (Right) and Amanda Cook (Left)
    Mrs. Molly Harwell
     Reagan High School Dance Department
       Class A Day    Class B Day Time in ClassDress out Time
          1st Honors Dance 3&4 Dance 28:55-10:18
         2ndPlanningPlanning 10:30-11:53
        3rd Honors Dance 3&4 Dance 212:05-1:33
     4th Lunch    4th Lunch   1:35-2:05



            4th     Dance 1B      Dance 22:10-3:33   3:33-3:40
    dance  nda dancing  
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