• 'The Friends of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium' organization (“Friends”) is a non-profit corporation that was organized by RJ Reynolds High School alumni and friends in 1998 to preserve this community treasure. It is solely responsible for all fundraising for this grand facility.  .

    Fundraising projects have been:

    • $6.2 million was raised for the renovation of the Auditorium (which was completed in September of 2002).
    • $47,000 was raised for a customized orchestra pit cover in 2006 (created and installed by the Wenger Corp., located in Minnesota).
    • $300,000 was raised in 2013 for the acquisition of a customized acoustical shell that was designed, created and installed by the Akustiks, LLC corporation in South Norwalk, CT. For this project there were two co-ordinated capital campaigns staged by "The Friends of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium" that each raised $150,000. One of those campaigns allowed "Friends" to name the building that sits directly behind the Auditorium the "Judy Voss Jones Arts Center." Part the fund-raising for that capital campaign included a $30,000 donation from "The Friends of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium" to RJ Reynolds High School (for their programming needs). 

    Donations of $500 to "Friends" entitles a donor to name a seat in the Auditorium (with a small plaque telling of this donation being placed on that seat). Donors may name as many seats as they desire (at $500/seat). For more details, click onto "Permanently Name A Seat."

    Donations of ALL amounts are tax deductible, and ALL are most welcomed. The "Friends" organizatrion is constantly doing things to improve the Auditorium...and each of these improvements costs money. Please click here ( * ) to see the several ways you can make a donation.  

    Should you have a question concerning this, you may contact Harry Corpening (Chair of the Board of Trustees of 'The Friends of Richard. J. Reynolds Auditorium' organization) by sending him an e-mail (and make the subject line "Reynolds Auditorium").