• Kernersville Middle School Counseling Department


    The Counseling Center is designed to assist students in areas of academic,

    career, personal, and social development.

    Our guidance clerk, Monica Ledbetter, and counselors, 
    Michael Smith and Chris McCoy, may be reached at (336) 703-4257.



    Counselors Chris McCoy and Michael Smith are responsible for the following teams:

                                                   6th grade                        7th grade                       8th grade


                Mr. Smith                     Architects                         Voyagers                         Patriots


                Mr. McCoy                   Engineers                         Explorers                         Pirates
      Referrals to the Counseling Center can be made by students, parents and teachers. 


     We Offer the following services:

              Individual and Small Group Counseling

              Career Development

           Parent and Teacher Conferences

              Academic Advising

           Community and Agency Referrals



    Reasons to see your counselor:

              School problems

              Study and test taking skills

              Time management skills

              Problems with friends

              Personal Changes

              Anxiety or worries

              Problems at home


              Anger issues



                                                          Student Services Personnel

                                                      Nurse:                 Susan Banville (Fridays)

                                                      Social Worker:      Lisa May (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

                                                      Psychologist:       Patsy Barrett (Wednesdays)


     Student Service personnel may be reached by calling the Counseling Department at                    (336) 703-4257.