Welcome to Art at KES!

In Visual Arts class at Kernersville Elementary we explore various forms of art throughout history in many different cultures and learn about famous artists.

We create art and expand our knowledge of techniques from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Here is an example of some topics we will cover at each grade level:

Kindergarten - Learn about line, shape and color; Draw, Paint, introduction to clay, paper sculpture and paper weaving; Pattern

1st grade - Learn about landscape, still-life and portraits; Elements of art; Clay

2nd grade - Famous Artists; Circle weaving; Slab/Pinch techniques with clay; Painting, drawing, collage, mixed media

3rd grade - Principles of design; Clay using several techniques; Weaving; Sculpture

4th grade - N.C. Art and Artists; Coil Pots

5th grade - Refining skills; perspective, shading, 2 and 3 dimensions; Abstract art; North American Art and Artists; Plaster Masks

Our Art teachers are Ms. Susan Metts and Ms. Lauren White-Davis. 
Specialist Team