• WS/FCS Student Survey 2016-17


    The Student Survey is now open. Information from the survey will be incorporated into our School Improvement Plans.  Please note the survey is grade specific.

    Students in grades 4, 6, and 10 will be surveyed. (The Career Center will survey 12th graders).

    The student survey will be conducted entirely on-line.

    • The link is open now (see below) and will remain open until March 17th

    Spanish versions are available within the survey link.

    Students will log in using the Student ID as the password.  The survey is anonymous. 

    Here are the links:

    Student -  http://www.jacksonsurveys.com/wsfcsstudent

    Career Center Student -   http://www.jacksonsurveys.com/wsfcscareer


    Thank you!