• Our School Improvement Team members for 2021-2022:
    Name Area Role
    Tripp Jeffers Social Studies SIT Chair
    Val Callet ELL SIT Secretary
    Spencer Hardy Admin Head Principal
    Lisa Bohrer Admin Process Manager
    Nelson Cowden Admin AP
    Tammy Johnson Admin AP
    Walter Johnson Admin AP
    Kendall Fields Social Studies teacher
    Vanessa Edwards English teacher
    Theresa Higgins English teacher
    Heather Goodin Science teacher
    Tatjana Yovanovic Science teacher
    Tamika Bates Math teacher
    Tamara Oz Math teacher
    Carment Luina Foreign Language teacer
    Rhonda Higgins PTA/For. Lang teacher
    Mark Linville CTE teacher
     Lasaundra Siddle CTE teacher
    Daryl Evans HPE teacher
    Stephanie Sweet HPE teacher
    Nina Anderson Arts teacher
    Wil Mitchell Arts teacher
    Gail Roberts EC teacher
    Myra Bernard-Cade EC teacher
    Colonel Baker ROTC teacher
    Keisha Horton Student Services Head Stud.Serv
    Jessica Williams Student Services Counselor
    Laurel Lokant IB/MYP/CP IB Coordinator
    Lynwood Gerald Athletics AD
    Raquel Wilkins MTSS MTSS Coord
    Shenelle Spady Freshmen Academy Instruct. Coach
    Nyomi Higgins   Student
    Karisa McDaniel   Parent
    Lori Gaillard   Parent
    Melissa Slayton   Classified
    VACANT   Community Outreach
    Kim Bell Central Office District Staff
    Felicia Davis Central Office Area Superintendent
    Our Minutes:
    Our current School Improvement Plan is located in the Indistar/NCStar system.  This is a web based tool that guides our school improvement team in charting improvement and managing the continuous improvement process. To access the plan, please use the information below:

    Guest login: GuestS16214              
    Guest password: GuestS16214      
    You can find a quick snapshot of our school goals by clicking on the Mission/Goals/Selected Indicators tab. You will find the most recent detailed version of our plan by clicking on theReports/WiseWays/Indicators & Rubrics tab and then clicking on “Comprehensive Plan”.
    Low-performing identification continues pending assessment data from the 2021-22 school year. Parent notification letters are not required for the 2021-22 school year.