• About Me
    I am very excited about being the School Resource Officer at Atkins High School.  Atkins is a beautiful school and a very positive environment.  I do believe you will be pleased with me.  The simple things that I will do, such as being seen throughout the school during class changes, breaks, lunch times and before/ after school, I believe is what you will be most pleased with.  I also make my best efforts to talk to all students and encourage them to read as much as possible, listen to their teachers/ parents and seek all the education they can.  These are the things I have done at Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy and during a short time at Kennedy Middle/ High School and I have received much positive feedback for my efforts.   In a very short time, I will provide you the best work effort your school has had from a School Resource Officer.  My main concerns will be keeping the students, faculty and staff safe each and everyday.