Marilyn Mercer
    Freshman English
    Shakespeare 101-102

    English I:  In 2012-3013, North Carolina teachers implemented a new Standard Course of Study that includes the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts.  The new standards for English demonstrate an integrated model of literacy.  The communication skills of reading, writing,speaking, listening, and language are blended throughout the standards with a balance of informational and literary texts.  Other key features of these standards include the expectation that students will read a broad range of increasingly complex texts over time.  Also included is  instruction in informational, argumentative, and narrative writing.
    Shakepeare 101-102:  This course takes a look at Shakespeare's life and times, the Globe Theatre, selected sonnets, and an in-depth examination of four-five of his plays.   Performance and participation will comprise a large part of the grade for this course.  Students taking the course for honors credit will be asked to do at least one additional assignment to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject matter.

    Supply list:

    One hard bound notebook(one half to one inch)
    five dividers
    two blue or black ink pads
    two highlighters
    hand-held stapler
    notebook paper
    hand-held hole punch

    Wish List:
    one box of tissues
    hand sanitizer
      Room: 421
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