• Our current School Improvement Plan is located in the Indistar/NCStar system.  This is a web based tool that guides our school improvement team in charting improvement and managing the continuous improvement process. To access the plan, click on the LINK  and use the information below: 

    Indistar Login (guest): GuestS16208
    Indistar Password (guest): GuestS16208
    You can find a quick snapshot of our school goals by clicking on theMission/Goals/Selected Indicators tab. 
    You will find the most recent detailed version of our plan by clicking on theReports/WiseWays/Indicators & Rubrics tab and then clicking on“Comprehensive Plan”
    2022-2023 School Improvement Committee Members:
    Beth Holloman- Kindergarten Teacher
    Shayla Clark- 1st Grade Teacher
    Carrie Gerlach- 2nd Grade Teacher
    Dana Hayes-Foutty- 3rd Grade Teacher (*SIT Chair)
    Angie Keaton- 4th Grade Teacher
    Anthia Smith- 5th Grade Teacher
    Tamela Carter- EC Teacher
    Sarah Baldwin- Specialist
    Amber Esch- Classified
    Dayenin Arellano- Student Services
    Tina Covey-AIG Catalyst
    Madison Ricena-MTSS Coordinator
    Kelly Ryan- Instructional Facilitator
    Ross McNeil- Assistant Principal
    Dr. Stephanie Sanders- Principal
    Donna Bridges-Parent
    Ahren Bersch-Parent