• Teachers:

    • Suzanne Brookshire (Language Arts and Social Studies)
    • Eileen Corlett
    • Jessica Medley (Math and Science)
    • Jennifer Seabourn (AG)
  • Fifth grade parent expectations:

    As a parent, it is crucial for you to visit the classroom PowerSchool Learning Haiku page on a regular basis, as well as checking your child’s grades through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  To get access to these please see Vickie True in the office.  Teachers are unable to assist with this.

    Fifth grade student expectations: 

    As upperclassmen, you are expected to show leadership through modeling appropriate behavior for the rest of the student body.  You must be responsible for yourself to complete all work to the best of your ability, communicate from school to home, and practice skills learned at school to reach mastery.

    To get ready for 5th grade, over the summer, read, read, read!  Spend some time exploring the various genres to determine what most interests you, keep a of summer activities, trips and thoughts.  You should also watch a few weather forecasts, make sure you have memorized all multiplication facts 0-12 and start looking at division fast facts such as 12 ÷ 4 = 3.  

    Below is an overview of what your child can expect to learn in fifth grade:


    •      Heredity & Genetics
    •      Ecosystems
    •      Weather
    •      Heat Transfer
    •      Matter
    •      Force and Motion
    •      Human Body Systems


    • Place Value through the thousandths decimal place
    • Multiplication by up to two-digit numbers
    • Division by up to 2-digit divisors
    • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing mixed numbers and fractions,
    • Geometry
    • Measurement
    • Algebra
    • Coordinate graphing
    • Problem Solving


    We will continue to build on literary skills by reading more challenging texts with stronger vocabulary. Students will be asked more rigorous questions that will require them to refer to the text, provide explicit facts and summarize.  

    Language Arts

    • Build vocabulary
    • Word structure
  • School Supply List:

    • box of 24 crayons (No crayons/colored pencils instead)
    • glue sticks (these will be collected)
    • packs of loose leaf paper (Buy 2)
    • pack of #2 pencils (kept in pencil pouch, mechanical is fine)
    • (2) boxes of tissues (these will be collected)
    • box of washable markers (kept in pencil pouch)
    • pencil pouch (zippered, no hard boxes)
    • (2) composition or spiral books (wide rule)
      • 1 for Science
      • 1 for Social Studies
    • (3) Solid colored 2-pocket folders with pockets and prongs
    • 3-ring binder (1”) *AG needs a 3 ring zipper binder
    • book bag/back pack (no wheels)
    • hand sanitizer (Purell/Dial/GermX)
    • (2) 5-subject spiral notebooks, wide rule
    • (2) packages of 3x5 index cards- 3 x 5  (these will be collected)

    Some supplies, such as pencils or paper, may need to be replenished during the year.

    If school supplies are a financial burden, please the office.  You can pick from our donated supplies.

  • Please consider donating the following items directly to your child’s class:

    • Paper towels
    • Disinfecting wipes
    • Dry erase markers
    • Zip top bags (Gallon & Quart)
    • Pencils
    • Loose Leaf Paper



Last Modified on August 25, 2023