• Teachers

    • Deana Jones (AG)
    • Krystal Laughlin
    • Kirsten Lovell
    • Theresa Tall
    • Janet Sherrill
  • What will I learn?

    Reading & Language Arts

    We will make inferences and determine themes in fiction. We will determine point-of-view and find evidence for character traits. We will use context clues to find the meaning of unknown
    words and classify texts by their structure. We will write narrative, opinion and expository pieces.


    We will work with place value up to 100,000. We will multiply two 2-digit numbers and divide with 1-digit divisors and multi-digit dividends using partial products (not the standard algorithm).
    We will do extensive work with fractions and decimals, as well as area and perimeter and geometry.

    Science/Social Studies

    We’ll explore the relationship between Earth and moon, rocks and minerals, and animal adaptions as well as force and motion including magnetism and electricity. For social studies, we’ll focus on North Carolina geography, history, and state symbols as well as state government.


  • School Supply List:

    • 1" binder with inside pockets  (must fit inside desk)
    • (4) Pocket folders
    • (5) 1-subject spiral wide ruled notebooks
    • wide ruled notebook paper
    • markers and colored pencils
    • pack of copy paper
    • Glue sticks (at least 2)
    • #2 pencils and erasers
    • headphones or ear buds
    • tissues
    • sticky notes
    • hand sanitizer
    • baggies (boys-quart/girls-gallons)
  • Memorize your multiplication facts (0-12). It will make a huge difference!  Also, make sure you stay fluent in your addition and subtraction facts. 

    Look up the “North Carolina Battle of the Books” elementary list for summer reading suggestions, or read a favorite series or author. Suggestions include I Survived, Kate DiCamillo, Louis Sachar and Beverly Cleary. and Judy Blume. If you prefer nonfiction, check out books on your favorite topic.

    Just read!

  • Please consider donating the following items directly to your child's class:

    • Tissues
    • Pencil top erasers
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Dry erase markers
    • Sticky notes
    • Index cards
    • Small prizes
    • Small individually wrapped candy (no peanut products, please)
Last Modified on August 18, 2023