• Teachers:

    • Tammy Barnes
    • Trish Edwards
    • Catherine Gant
    • Elaine Laws
    • DeAnna Mabe
    • Kayla Vaden - AG
  • Expectations

    Third grade is a time for your child to become independent and responsible learners. Parents can foster this by stepping back and keeping an eye on your child’s progress as they are gaining independence. Students are held accountable to mastery of skills, and progress is scored using the 10-point grading scale.

    Over the summer, students should READ, READ, READ!!!  

    Here are some other things you can encourage them to do:

    • Fluently add and subtract
    • Keep a journal using complete sentences / paragraphs
    • Tell time to the hour, half-hour, and quarter-hour
    • Practice legible manuscript writing on wide-ruled notebook paper recognizing margins

    Below is an overview of what you can expect your child to learn in third grade:


    • Multiplication (digits up to 10)
    • Division
    • Graphing
    • Fractions
    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Mass and Capacity (metric)
    • Telling time and elapsed time
      • Time to one minute, five minutes, half-hour, quarter-hour
    • Multi-step Word Problems
    • Area and Perimeter
    • Geometry
      • Quadrilaterals


    • Nonfiction and Fiction Texts
    • Informational Text
    • Answer questions using evidence from the text


    • Narrative Writing
    • Opinion/Persuasive Writing
    • Explanatory Writing


    • Plants and Seeds
    • Solar System
    • Matter
    • Force and Motion
    • Human Body Systems
      • Skin
      • Muscles
      • Bones

    Social Studies

    • Communities
    • How communities change over time
    • Economics
    • Local government
    • Five themes of government

    Grading Scale

    A = 90-100%

    B = 80-89%

    C = 70-79%

    D = 60-69%

    F = 59% and below

    Parents should check grades on the Parent Portal to keep up with their child’s progress. Please see Ms. True for login information and/or help.  Valid ID is necessary.


    Third graders will participate in many formal tests this year.  These include:

    • Beginning of Grade (BOG3) test measuring third grade standards - This test is given within the first ten days of school.  
    • End of Quarter tests in reading and math (made by our school district)
    • DIBELS testing at the beginning of the year (September-BOY), middle of the year (January - MOY), and end of the year (May - EOY) - These tests measure fluency, accuracy, and reading comprehension through the TRC (Text Reading Comprehension), DORF, and DAZE tests.
    • End of Grade (EOG) tests in reading and math


  • Make sure you are fluent in your addition and subtraction facts.  

    Read! Discover a new series like The Magic Tree House, I Survived, Junie B. Jones, A to Z Mysteries, Horrible Harry or Geronimo Stilton. Try novels like Mr. Popper’s Penguins, A Lion to
    Guard Us, Tornado, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, My Father’s Dragon or Little House in the Big Woods . If you prefer nonfiction, visit the library and check out informational books on topics that interest you.

    Just be sure to READ! 

  • School Supply List

    • 1" 3-ring binder 
    • (4) Composition notebooks (more heavy duty with no spiral)
    • (4) Pocket folders with brads 
    • Box of 24 Crayons
    • Pack of colored pencils
    • Pen (any color)
    • Pencil pouch/box
    • (4) packs of #2 pencils
    • (10) Glue sticks
    • (2) Boxes of tissues
    • (4) packs of loose leaf paper (wide rule)
  • Please consider donating the following items

    • sticky notes
    • hand soap
    • Clorox wipes
    • graph paper (4x4 quad ruled)
Last Modified on September 5, 2023