•                               Bolton Elementary School School Year: 2019-2020
                                     Parent/Family Engagement Policy and Plan


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    What is it?

    This is a plan that describes how Bolton Elementary School will provide opportunities to improve Parent/ family engagement to support student learning. Bolton ES values the contributions and involvement of parents and family members to establish an equal partnership for the common goal of improving student achievement. This plan describes the different ways that Bolton ES will support parent/family engagement and how parents can help plan and participate in activities and events to promote student learning at school and at home.
    How is it revised?

    Where is it available?

    Parents/Families are invited to attend our annual School Forum in the Spring of each previous school year to review and revise this parent and family engagement policy, as well as the school-wide plan, our school-parent Compact, and the family engagement initiatives. Additionally, parents/families are given an opportunity for their input and comments regarding these Title I required documents during the current school year through each student’s classroom Teacher, our school’s website, in the Parent/Family Resource room and the main office. All parent feedback received during the year is used to revise the plan for the next school year. We also distribute an annual survey online and by mail to ask parents for their suggestions on the plan and the use of funds for family engagement. Parents and family members are also welcome to give feedback during several parent meetings and activities during the school year. Our School Parent/Family Policy and Plan is reviewed by parents/families, students and all staff members at the end of each school year. A required Title I Annual Parent/Family Meeting Night is held in September at the beginning of each school year explaining what Title I schools and our requirements for that state funding.

    Who is it for?

    All students and their families are encouraged and invited to fully participate in the opportunities described in this plan. Bolton Elementary will provide full opportunity for the participation of parents and family members so that all students grow academically.
    Our School Parent/Family Policy and Plan is always available on Bolton’s website, on our school’s Parent/Family Engagement Bulletin Board, in the Parent/Family Resource Center in room #11, in all classrooms and in our main office

    For questions of suggestions, contact Bolton Elementary at 336 -703-4247.
    Come visit the Parent Resource Center to check out books, study materials, and activities to use at home with your child. Computers are available for parents to explore the Parent Portal and educational resources.
    Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 3:00 pm