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    Bolton Elementary School

    Parent Involvement Policy

    FY: 2017-2018



    Bolton Elementary School is committed to provide each student with the tools needed to be successful in life. We understand that our families, school staff and community must work together to make this happen. The policy shows how we plan to accomplish this task.


    At Bolton Elementary School, we began planning our parental involvement activities prior to the end of the 2016-2017 school year. Our focus is based on data collected during the Comprehensive Needs Assessment and reflected in our School Improvement Plan.


    ¨ Bolton’s School Leadership Team met several times over the Summer break to discuss activities to support and increase parental involvement/engagement.


    ¨ The School Improvement Team met to begin working on a new SIT Plan with parental involvement being a high priority.


    ¨ Staff Orientation and Planning Days were spent with the entire school staff meeting to discuss school policies, student expectations, conferencing with parents and Title I activities and procedures.



    I. Flexible Meetings

    Many parent meetings/activities are coordinated throughout the school year that

    involve parents, students, staff and community partners. These meetings are

    design to strengthen the relationship between home and school. Parent meetings

    are held at two different times to make it more convenient for parents to attend.

    Bi-lingual Assistants are available to help with translations at all meetings.



    II. Open House, August 24, 2017. Parents and students meet their teachers and visit

    their classrooms. Teachers share information regarding their overall classroom

    structure curriculum and how parents can be engaged in their children’s academics

    at school as well as at home. Parents also receive information regarding

    transportation and Parent/Teacher/Student COMPACTS and School Policy are

    both available for review and parents are encouraged to make changes if needed.






    III. Title I Annual Meeting, September 28, 2017

    Parents are presented with information regarding Title 1 requirements and what it

    means to be a Title I school. After the adjournment of the Title I Annual Parent

    Meeting, a separate Curriculum Meeting gives parents the opportunity to visit

    classrooms to receive a current update of their child(ren) regarding their academic

    and social learning and offer a plethora of ways to help at home.


    -The School-Parent-Teacher Compact/Agreement is developed and/or reviewed at the end of the previous school year and parents are asked for their comments and a draft is presented and voted on for approval at the Title I Annual Parent Meeting.



    IV. Involving Parents in an organized, ongoing and Timely Way

    Progress reports will be provided to parents three times during each quarter.

    Parenting education sessions will also be conducted throughout the school year to

    share ways to assist parents and teachers to work together as partners. Parents

    will be asked for their suggestions or recommendations at all meetings.


    Connect 5: Parents are contacted with an automated telephone call with

    announcements about important upcoming events. Messages are sent out every



    V. Timely Communication Information

    Parents will receive information on a regular basis through the weekly Thursday

    packets, grade level Curriculum Nights, Parent Resource Center and quarterly

    report cards. Parent’s questions and concerns will be addressed at each session

    throughout the school year.


    - Weekly Thursday Folders: Teacher reports, newsletters, special announcements, etc are sent home each week in the Thursday Folder. Parents are asked to review and sign that they have reviewed contents.


    - Student/Parent Assistant: For parents with children in grades 3-5. The program provides parents with access to student progress reports.


    - Ensuring that Information is Understandable: Due to our diverse population, it is imperative that information interpreted by for our parents. Interpreters are available throughout the day to assist as needed. They are also available for after-school activities and conferences. Information sent home is in both English and Spanish.