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    R.J. Reynolds Auditorium announces a new partnership with the SENNHEISER company.


    Reynolds Auditorium made the decision to upgrade parts of it audio system within the building to better meets the needs of the performers as well as the audience.  Due to the FCC auction of the 600mHz frequencies, a decision had to be made to upgrade the wireless system in the building the determination was made, after some consideration, to move to the SENNHEISER Digital 6000 wireless system.  

    The new system, Digital 6000, coupled with several Shure ULX-S and Sennheiser EW G3's, will allow up to 24 performers to utilize the high quality microphones of the system with ease and with incredible clarity for the audience.

    Image of the front panel of the EM 6000 wireless sound system View of the back panel of the sennheiser EM-6000 audio system

    You can read more about the partnership on the SENNHEISER website with their full article write-up.