Parent conferences are a good way to discuss questions or concerns about your student's academic or social progress at Wiley.  Teachers can communicate their classroom expectations and provide additional information to help parents support their student's success.  

    Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to contact the team teachers to request a conference with their student’s teacher(s).  Teachers are available during their planning to meet with parents, but may be willing to arrange other times if necessary to accommodate a parent schedule. Email is the most efficient way to request a conference, but parents may also leave a message for teachers with the main office secretary.  Teachers are not available to take calls during their instructional time, but will return calls and emails within 24 hours.  

    Conferences are typically held with all core team teachers.  Encore teachers can be invited as needed.  If a parent requests to meet with an individual teacher, it should be communicated clearly im advance of the conference.    

    Conferences with counselors can be made through the student services clerk, Ms. Morton, in the main office or directly with a counselor.  Ms. Pritchard works with 6th grade and the Conductors Team.  Mr. Jessup works with the 7th grade and the Navigators Team.  

    Conferences with administrators can be made directly with the principal or assistant principal.  You can also request a conference with the principal, Mrs. Bodenheimer, by contacting the lead secretary, Mrs. Barnhill.  Ms. Polk is the assistant princpal for the 6th grade STEAM Team and Trailblazer Team.  Mrs. Jenkins is the assistant princpal for the 7th grade Aviator Team and the Explorer Team.  Mr. Holbrook is the assistant principal for the 8th grade Conductor Team and the Navigators Team.

    The Parent Involvement Coordinator may also assist with scheduling parent conferences, offering interpretation services or arranging transportation to or from Wiley.  Contact Mrs. Niten if she can help in this way.  

    All email addresses for Wiley staff can be found on the Wiley website under Faculty.