• Welcome to Athletics at Atkins High School. Hopefully the information below will clarify what is needed to participate in Athletics at Atkins High School. For questions please email Athletic Director Matt Pratt. 

     Students must meet requirements set by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education.  To qualify for high school athletics:
         Have no more than eight consecutive semesters in attendance nor more than four seasons of participation in any sport since entering grade 9;
         Be under 19 years of age on October 16;
         Be in school 50% of any student day on which there is an athletic contest;
         Have passed 6 of 8 courses  or 3 of 4 courses (for full year) in the previous semester with 2.0 GPA the previous nine-week grading period.
         Must be in attendance for 90 percent of the previous semester at an approved school.  This equates to a student athlete cannot miss more than 10 days.
         Have a physical exam within the last 395 days on file;
         Have a medical release if the student has missed five or more days of practice because of illness or injury.
    Students may request waivers of the policy for hardship reasons.
    All ninth-graders are eligible for participation during the first nine-week grading period.  If you are a ninth-grader and do not have a 2.0 QPA at the end of the first quarter or any subsequent grading period, you will be put on academic probation.  If a student participates in a weekly tutoring program, he/she will keep his/her eligibility during the remainder of the school year and during the first quarter of his/her sophomore year.  If an athlete is found in possession of/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol at school or at a school-sponsored function, school policy 5131.6, section 6D, will be in effect.  An athlete will automatically be suspended from any athletic involvement for a minimum of 30 school days.


    1. Valid 2020-2021 Approved Athletic Participation Packet

         - New packets should be turned into Coach Matt Pratt or the front office. 

         - Packets expire 395 days from the date of the last physical

         - Only current year (2020-2021) physical packets will be accepted.

    2. Cannot miss more than 10 days the previous academic semester

         - Incoming freshman in the fall season are not bound by this requirment (8th grade absences do not count). How ever once fall semester ends their days will count towards spring sports elegibility

         - Exemption waviers can be found here