• PHMA Child and Family Support Team

    Amy Crews, MSW and Robin Hull BSN, RN


    The Child and Family Support Team (CFST) is a statewide initiative that has been developed in child service agencies in Forsyth County and within seven WS/FC schools.  There are 100 school sites across the state.  The school-based CFST is an initiative of Governor Easley and is supported by North Carolina legislation.  The Child and Family Support Team mission is to identify and coordinate appropriate school and community services for families with children who are at risk of school failure or out-of-home placement.

    The Child and Family Support Team foundational values include:

    • Family/parental involvement in the planning, delivery, and monitoring of all services.
    • One child, one team, one plan.
    • Services are delivered in the most natural setting possible.
    • Plans developed emphasizing family and child strengths.
    • Promoting interagency collaboration and coordination.

    The Child and Family Support Team will consist of the family, Ms. Crews, Mrs. Hull, and representatives from other agencies identified and agreed upon with the family.  Each representative on the team will partner as a team member to meet the needs of the family.

    Primary responsibilities of the Child and Family Support Team include:

    • Identifying and assessing children with unmet or complicated educational, health, social, legal, emotional, behavioral, and/or developmental needs.
    • Partnering with families to develop teams of community and family members who are committed to seeing that the student is successful in school and in the community.
    • Facilitating team meetings to develop a unified plan to support the child and family.
    • Providing or connecting to appropriate services as determined by the plan.
    • Monitoring implementation of the plan as needed.

    If parents/guardians of PHMA students are interested in working with the CFST to meet the needs of their student and family, they can reach out to Ms. Crews and Ms. Hull by calling the school at (336) 703-4165 extension 76916 or by email at acrews@wsfcs.k12.nc.us and rhull@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.  Referrals may also be made by PHMA teachers and staff.