• Spring is just around the corner!

    Spring is just around the corner!  Maybe soon the rain will stop and the sun will come out!


    My name is Mrs. Sexton and I am the counselor at Diggs-Latham Elementary School.  I have been a school counselor in W-S/FCS for more than 16 years and this is my first year at Diggs-Latham.

    So far this year I have met and worked with many, many wonderful students, families, and staff members.  I appreciate the warm welcome from everyone.  The laughter, hugs, and toothless smiles make my days happy!

    At this time, re-screening for the AIG program is underway and nearly complete.  We have worked hard on our intervention program and identifying diverse learning needs of all our students. 

    In an effort to meet the social and emotional learning needs of all our students, we are using information gathered from the Panorama survey to structure activities in each class to help students grow in their grit, self-management skills, self-efficacy, and having a growth mindset.  We have begun spring counseling groups and are currently working on the Remote Control Group where students are learning personal responsibility and self-management.  In Character Ed, the PAWS committee is working to recognize students weekly with BRAG TAGS. 

    Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to support your child and help him/her be the most successful student they can be!


    Barbara Sexton