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    Welcome to Moore Magnet Elementary School, home of Moore Magic!  I am glad that you are part of our family! 
    My goal is to provide support to you and your student as he/she progresses through Moore Magnet School.  I help students with academic, personal and social growth needs.  Please contact me if you or your child have any concerns, needs for assistance with outside referrals, or to schedule an appointment for individual counseling. 

    Role of the School Counselor





    Life is like a pickle
    Sometimes it's Sweet......Sometimes it's Sour
    A School Counselor cares for students
    when life is sweet or sour or in-between.
    School Counselors assist in meeting special needs of students to:
    *Promote a positive school atmosphere
    *Teach classroom guidance lessons
    *Develop and implement school programs
    *Counsel individual students 
    *Meet with small groups
    *Consult with teachers
    *Confer with parents to help in a crisis
    School Counselors care about the
     emotional, social and educational
    development of students.